With hearing loss, there are certain symptoms that are worth looking out for, whether it’s for yourself or for your loved ones around you. A hearing loss of any level can be helped with the right guidance and so it’s worth knowing what symptoms that you should be wary about if you spot them. Here are the symptoms of hearing loss:

Sounds seem quieter than usual

Sounds are all around us. From birds tweeting in the morning to the sound of the doorbell. There are so many different sounds that when you start to find them hard to hear, it can be a warning sign that you might be experiencing some form of hearing loss. If sounds are seemingly quieter than usual or you find yourself missing out on things that alert you via sound, then this could be something to look further into.

Often it could be just a case of missing it by accident but if it’s happening a lot more than often, then it’s certainly worth flagging up as a potential issue.

Asking people to repeat themselves

When chatting to others in conversation, sometimes things can get missed and you politely have to ask the person to repeat themselves. However, there are rare occasions that this happens but it might be happening a lot more than you would usually find. This is a symptom of hearing loss that tends to be picked up by others around you, rather than you yourself.

It might not be something you notice but if a friend, family member or colleague has brought it up that you’re asking them to repeat themselves, then take that concern seriously.

Stressed or tired from concentrating on listening

Struggling to hear something or someone can be difficult when you have hearing loss. And when you’re not doing anything about it, you can find yourself getting stressed out or tired from all the concentrating that’s needed to listen clearly. That’s not something that you want to be putting your mind or body through on a regular basis and eventually, it’ll all just become too much.

If you’re finding yourself at that point, then you definitely want to seek help for this before it starts affecting other parts of your body.

Noticing an increase in television/radio volume

A common symptom of hearing loss is usually to do with daily activities like your television or radio volume. We can often turn up the TV when watching a movie or radio when listening to a song but it’s turned back down afterward. If you’re noticing an increase in volume and that isn’t going back down, then this could be a habit of hearing loss.

The more you ignore this, the more damage it’s likely going to do to your hearing as you continue to up the volume levels on these devices.

Symptoms of hearing loss are something to be aware of and if you have them, then it’s good to get in touch with an audiologist who can assess your hearing and provide further assistance to find the best treatment option available.