Patient Testimonials

I had just seen Dr. Nye at Audiology Services where I have been going for years. As always, everyone there is very helpful and polite. I would recommend the place to anyone who has a hearing problem.

Nitza Rosovsky

Outstanding staff, tends to each individual needs and concerns. Gayle Nye is a superb audiologist who takes the time to listen to my needs and coupled with his expertise and skill set resolves any concerns I may have. The office staff is great. Lynn is always at the helm and willing to drop everything to assist my needs. I have been a patient at Audiology Services for 20 years and I highly recommend them for your hearing needs.

Kathleen Doyle, 9/20/17

I’m delighted with my experience at Audiology Services Inc.

Fitting me with hearing aids is a tough job. I have tinnitus as well as hearing loss. I work in a challenging hearing environment where the background noise can go from nothing to loud in two seconds and many of the children I work with speak indistinctly. I have a busy social life and regularly find myself in groups of friends with three conversations going on at once.

The audiologist found wonderful hearing aids for me. My job is easier and more fun now that I’m not struggling to hear. I can keep up with my friends’ conversations instead of sitting at the edge of the crowd wondering what they’re saying. I can hear better now than I could when I was twenty years younger!

The audiologist spent a great deal of time educating me about my hearing loss, telling me what I could expect from hearing aids, and teaching me how to keep my hearing aids in top shape. She even gave me tips about making the hearing aid batteries last longer.

I’m so happy with my hearing aids that I’ve been going around telling my friends and family about them. (I have to tell them, since almost no-one has noticed that I’m wearing them.)

Audiology Services Inc. came highly recommended. I’m happy to say that they have far exceeded my expectations.

B.P., 5/24/17

I want to say thank you to the entire staff at Audiology Services for their joyful manner and politeness. I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Alexandra Shevelyok who exhibited kindness and understanding throughout my procedure. Dr. Shevelyok was extremely patient with me and genuinely invested in everything I had to ask and say. She explained each and every process with thorough information in a manner I could easily comprehend. I am so pleased with my outcome that I have mentioned my experience to all my family and friends. Audiology Services is a true testament to professional care. Mary S.

I am very pleased with the service and the product I have received at ASI. The audiologist explains the capability and limitations of the hearing aids very well. The location is convenient (parking is available) and the staff are friendly. I’ve had no problem getting appointments as I have needed. Five Star rating- whatever is highest- would be what I would give the office.

Eve Sullivan, 6/28/16

This hearing aid is a life changer. I can’t believe how much I missed because I delayed it so long. It’s really amazing.

Anonymous Patient

Since getting my hearing aid I have been able to participate more in class as well as rehearsals. I remember as a child I would shy away from leadership roles because of the responsibility of listening and hearing everything. No more. I feel like I have my life back.

Anonymous Patient

After more than ten years of resisting the recommendation of my audiologist, I agreed- albeit tentatively- to try wearing two (2) hearing aids. What a positive difference this has made in my life. Psychologically, although they do not even show, the idea of two was overwhelming and was an admission of a weakness. The gains far outweigh any reservations.

J. Schwartz

I just love ASI, you always go the extra mile! And, you are so friendly, smart, and caring.


The (hearing) system is quite amazing. Use with the cell phone is remarkable. Using it with the TV is really great. Some shows have good enough sound so I close the captions and listen. This is bliss!


I have been wearing hearing aids for 40 years and I have never had this level of service and attention.

W.F., new patient to our office


Ode to the Modern Hearing Aid

For nineteen years I struggled to contextualize, connect and comprehend.

As if I was born and lived underwater in a landlubber’s land.


My first hearing aids plucked me from the deep.

That day, I sat in my Toyota

and wept with gratitude and grief.


Tears for all the confusion, misunderstandings

and unheard words that had passed me by.

Gratitude for nerdy audiology scientists who cared enough,

for Peter Gabriel who gifted me Solsbury Hill as a welcome

to the beautiful loud world above the water.


Like a cell phone, each upgrade had a new bell and whistle-

A beep for low battery, later an internal Siri-like voice calmly stated “replace battery”.

The next edition receiver focused only forward because what is most important

must always be in front.

The last valued speech above all else,

other decibels compressed and squeezed thin.


Like switching from a flip phone to an iPhone 7,

twenty-five years and six pairs of hearing aids later

the nerdy audiology heroes have done it again.


Receivers that scan the whole wide world!

Three hundred and sixty degrees of corrected hearing

for the first time in forty-four years.

They call it Universal Listening!

All the sounds granted entry into my brain.


Sounds up in front, sounds to the left and to the right,

sounds bringing up the rear.

Small sounds, big sounds, medium sounds, voice and everything else:


Pencil on paper scraps.

My husband breathes in and out.

Spider plant leaves rustle.

My swallow squishes.

Sarcastic mutterings, lip smacks and loud chewing.

The refrigerator whirs and hums.

Dog feet pad on the hard wood floor.

My own footsteps creak in front and behind my stride.

The knife snaps down on the cutting board.

My name from behind and I turn around.

The mouse scratches at its pad and clicks out loud.

My son’s full voice, new to me, suits him so well.


Thank you, genius of Universal Listening.

Thank you for understanding that although speech is the story of the land,

all other sounds bring the color.

– Sue D.
March 2017