If you’re reading this blog, you likely have a hearing aid fitting coming up. If that’s the case, congratulations on selecting a device with your audiologist’s help. With that said, there are a few things to gear up for, especially when your appointment is up.

For example, you will be bombarded with so much information and it is quite normal to feel confused. However, to feel better prepared, arm yourself with relevant questions to ask your audiologist. Below are top FAQs asked during hearing aid fittings.

Should I wear my hearing aids at all times?

This is a question asked by new users who are being fitted for the first time. If this is new for you, it is worth knowing that your brain will need a few weeks to adjust to certain sounds. Your audiologist will provide you with a schedule to help you gradually adjust to the device. On the other hand, if you’ve used hearing aids before, there will typically be no need for a lengthy adjustment period.

Furthermore, you will get a demonstration on how to fix or remove your hearing aids without causing damage to the device. Knowing when to wear your device depends mainly on your lifestyle. Moreover, it is not recommended to wear them in the shower, when swimming or mowing the lawn. If you have to attend a concert, be sure to ask how to readjust the settings to accommodate loud and uncomfortable sounds.

How long will these hearing aids last?

On average, most hearing aids have a lifespan ranging from three to five years. The audiologist will be better positioned to provide you with detailed information on the estimated period it should last. However, you can lengthen the lifespan if you adhere strictly to care and maintenance tips. For example, if you avoid wearing them in the shower or when swimming, you eliminate the likelihood of water damage to the inner electronic components.

Can I adjust the settings myself?

Your audiologist is responsible for setting and adjusting your hearing aids for the very first time. This is known as programming the device and it’s done to find the best and most comfortable volume for you. Programming includes experimenting with varied listening environments. During the fitting, the audiologist will teach you how to program it to help you adapt to different environments.

Can I change my hearing aid type after a while?

The ITE, BTE and ITC hearing aids are common among users. In a lot of cases, it is not in your place to determine what you want. Your audiologist will discuss with you which type fits into your lifestyle, suitable for your diagnosis and addresses your specific needs.

What services are covered in my warranty?

In most cases, new hearing aids will come with a warranty, but it is essential to ask your audiologist anyway. Knowing what coverage you have will help you understand what will be required in future repairs. It also helps to know if your coverage includes an aftercare plan. Adequate background information on warranty and aftercare measures helps address issues that may come up at your follow-up appointments.

It can be quite challenging to remember every question you intend to ask your audiologist during your hearing aid fitting. Therefore, as a tip, ensure to put your questions on paper. Better yet, save them on your smartphone for easy access.