Attending an appointment with an audiologist for the first time may be daunting. You could be anxious about what to expect or not sure what you need to do. This is when it is important for you to understand what is involved when visiting an audiologist. You may find that you have been struggling with your hearing health for some time or perhaps only just noticed some changes. 

There may have been damage caused because of a job you have had or the lifestyle choices that you have made in the past. Whatever the reason to book an appointment with an audiologist before you visit you may have some questions to ask. With that in mind, we thought we should share with you four of the most frequently asked questions that could help to put your mind at ease. 

What sort of hearing loss am I experiencing?

One of the most common questions is what sort of hearing loss you might be experiencing and how it has come about. You may also be wondering what you can do to improve the situation. When it comes to hearing loss, you will find that it is quite unique to you. It might be tinnitus which is causing ringing in the ears, or it could be that you are noticing that you can’t hear things at certain times. 

Perhaps it is hard to have a conversation when out in public places or there is a lot of background noise. When you attend an appointment with your audiologist it will be a good idea to share your concerns and a bit about your hearing health in general. This will help them to get a better understanding of what is going on and then explain to you the sort of hearing loss you are experiencing. 

What can I expect from an appointment with an audiologist?

It could be that you are concerned or wondering about the appointment itself and what might be expected from it. Your audiologist will likely want to ask you some questions. This could be relating to your lifestyle and the career or job that you have. It might be asking you about your experience recently with hearing, how long it might have been going on for and if there are any other symptoms relating to your ears such as sounds or tone. They will likely perform some tests as well to better understand. 

What will be the next steps?

Once your audiologist has identified the type of hearing loss you have or what might be causing the issues, they will explain the next steps. This could be the use of hearing aids where there can be significant improvement to your hearing and your general lifestyle because of it. 

How often will I need to have my hearing checked or my hearing aids looked at?

You may also want to ask your audiologist how often you need to have a checkup. This could be as regular as six months and at the same time they may look to check over your hearing aids. There will be things to consider with your hearing aids such as battery changes and battery life as well as checking your hearing health to ensure there is no decline.