If you have trouble with your hearing or you work with loud noises – that is, noises over 80 decibels – you probably need to have a hearing test once a year. Otherwise, it is probably safe to have your ears tested every three to five years. For more information on the time frames and risky categories, read this article. 

People Over 60

Presbycusis is the word used to describe age-related hearing loss, this is a very common occurrence in people aged 60 and older. The inner ear is where sound vibrates and is turned into signals for the brain to interpret. This happens in an area of the ear called the cochlea. The cochlea deteriorates over time. 

The deterioration in the cochlea can be genetic, but it can also be caused by lifestyle choices and environmental factors. This, coupled with other forms of deterioration in the inner ear make hearing harder as you age. If someone is over the age of 65 its recommended, they take a hearing test annually.

Those Exposed to Loud Noise 

Hearing loss doesn't only affect those over the age of 60, it can affect people of all ages, especially if they work in noisy environments. These environments could be workspaces such as manufacturing or entertainment spaces such as concerts or working with loud vehicles. Anything over 80 decibels can be a threat to your hearing.

Consistent loud noise over 80 decibels can damage cells and membranes in the snail-shaped cochlea in the inner ear. This is the component of the ear that transforms sound waves into electrical signals for the brain to interpret, damage hear can cause long term hearing issues. Have your ears check annually if you fall into this category. 

Those with Hearing Loss

So, you have hearing loss. You've had you hearing tested and now you have a device that works well for you, why should you continue to have your hearing tested. It might seem counter-productive but it's important you continue to have you hearing tested regularly and optimize your device as required. 

Even if you've already been diagnosed with hearing loss your hearing will change and fluctuate, they are also more of a chance of it changing and deteriorating when you have been diagnosed with an issue. Having your hearing checked annually is this case is recommended to ensure your hearing stays effective and doesn't impinge upon your quality of life. 

You should get your hearing tested annually if: you are aged over 60, you work with loud noises or you already have some hearing loss. Otherwise, it is not necessary to have your hearing tested on a regular basis, but it is still recommended every so often. Between the ages of 25 and 75, your inner ear will tend to deteriorate. 

If you're unsure about whether or not you should have your hearing tested, or whether you are working with dangerous noise levels, the best thing to do is to consider contact your audiologist to book a hearing test. A hearing test will tell you if you whether you need a hearing device or if you only need to adjust your lifestyle.