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I, Dr. Jill Rosenberg, am so excited to be the new owner and director of Audiology Services Inc, in Belmont, Boston area, right next to Cambridge (and a few other close towns).  Our practice has been in existence for over 30 years bringing very personal and individualized high quality care.

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We are excited to add new technologies to our mix of solutions for hearing loss: Made for iPhone technology: At least two major hearing aid manufacturers have introduced hearing aids that can be controlled via iPhone/iPad.  Volume and tone adjustments are possible, as well as using the  iphone microphone held closer to the speaker and sending the signal  to the

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Hearing loss caused by loud noise exposure is usually preventable.   It is estimated that one third of hearing loss is caused by noise.  Consider that 36 million people in this country have hearing loss- that means that as many as 13 million people are experiencing hearing loss that is preventable! The damage caused by exposure to loud noise and

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When selecting new hearings aids, many considerations should be taken into account.  Our audiologists are trained to discuss your specific needs to help determine the best solution for your needs.  Hearing abilities, lifestyle demands, physical and cognitive limitations should all be considered before a final decision is made.  The decision should be a cooperative effort between you and your audiologist.

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