Some hearing aid users prefer discreet devices so that they are not visible for people to see. There are a few options to choose from when it comes to discreet hearing aids. A common choice is in-the-canal (ITC) hearing aids. This style of hearing aid is for users who experience mild to moderate hearing loss and want a device more invisible. Aside from being discreet, there are many other benefits of ITC hearing aids you may want to know about.

Designed for a snug fit

The ITC hearing aids are custom designed by audiologists so that they fit a person’s ear snugly to offer maximum comfort. As they sit within the ear canal, they need to be a perfect fit. They cannot be too big or too small, otherwise, they can reduce efficacy and safety. 

Powerful for its size

ITC hearing aids may be small but they are powerful for their size. They are large enough to contain a decent size battery for a few day’s use as well as features that will amplify sounds for those experiencing mild to moderate hearing loss. 

Clarity of sound

The advancement of ITC hearing aids has seen most being fitted with dual microphones, which are ideal for high pitch tones. Previously, some hearing aids have not been able to detect high pitch tones, which can make it difficult to hear high noises or voices. Thus, ITC technology has enabled users to hear high pitch noises and not be restricted. Due to the advancements and ability to detect and amplify high pitch sounds, users can enjoy better clarity of sound. 

Comes with convenient features

As ITC’s sit within the ear canal, many may assume that they can be difficult to remove. However, most come with extraction leads, which makes taking them in and out easy. 

Additionally, ITC’s are often available in two types, wireless or telecoil. Wireless devices allow users to connect to mobile devices so that they can control and access their settings without a remote control. The telecoil feature allows users to add extra functions to the hearing aid so that they can tune in to close-by devices, such as public speakers.


Some hearing aid wearers feel that their confidence is hindered due to the visibility and look of hearing aids. However, due to ITC’s being almost invisible and not noticeable unless someone looks directly into your ear, they are much more discreet. This discretion can help boost confidence and the aids are more secret. For those that want their hearing aids to be hidden, ITC’s are a popular choice. 

Overall, ITC hearing aids are a great choice for those who want discretion and comfort. Their main purpose is to amplify sounds and make hearing easier. Yet, ITC’s are popular for those experiencing mild to moderate hearing loss and want them to be hidden. They may not be ideal for everyone due to their limited amplification features as they are smaller than other options, but they are great for those who require a little help with hearing loss.