When you finish your hearing test and your level of hearing loss is diagnosed, your audiologist can help you with every step of the way in making sure you get the hearing aid suited to your needs. This includes helping you select the device and also includes your hearing aid fitting. But do you really need an audiologist for that? Here are four reasons you should schedule a hearing aid fitting with them.

Make Sure It Fits

The first and most important part of the hearing aid fitting appointment is making sure that the device actually fits, first and foremost. Your audiologist will teach you how to put in your hearing aid, if necessary, and then check that it fits. If it does not, it may chafe, be uncomfortable and might not stay in place. Having your hearing aid falling out when you adjust your position, move or tilt your head can be frustrating. Even if a hearing aid feels like it fits okay, an audiologist will be able to tell if it might come loose later. If it doesn’t fit, they can send it back and help you find a replacement.

Have it Adjusted To Your Needs

Hearing aids can and should be adjusted to meet your individual hearing needs. Your audiologist will use the results of your hearing test alongside their special software to make sure that the device is calibrated to suit your needs as best as possible. They will work with you to make sure that everything sounds good and that there is no feedback or other notable issues. They can even help you program different profiles into the device for different environments you might need to use the device in.

Learn How to Use It

Aside from learning how to wear it, you may want to learn how to use the different features and controls on your hearing aid so you can adjust it on the fly, yourself. To that end, your audiologist can teach you everything you need to know about the device. This also includes instructions on how clean it, change the batteries and maintain it so that it remains as effective as possible for as long as you need to wear it.

Have Your Questions Answered

Wearing a new hearing aid for the first time can be a pretty major change in your life and a different experience from what you might have expected. It’s only natural you might have extra questions about how to use or take care of your device, how to get acclimated to it over time or what to do in certain circumstances. Your audiologist will be able to answer any of the specific questions you might have so you don’t have to wonder for too long.

When it comes to your hearing health and hearing aids, your audiologist is going to be your most reliable ally, so it’s better to keep them included by scheduling a hearing aid fitting.