When you need to have a hearing test, it’s a good idea to have some questions ready to ask your audiologist. In this way, you’ll get a much greater understanding of exactly what level your hearing loss is at and what can be done about it. Plus, the more you know about hearing loss in general, and yours in particular, the less of an issue it will become because you can put plans in place to deal with it. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about hearing tests so you can ensure you are always informed. 

How should you prepare for your hearing test? 

Even before your hearing test takes place, it’s important to prepare for it and ask one very important question: how should you prepare for your hearing test? In other words, what do you need to do before your test to ensure that it goes smoothly and is as efficient as possible? 

The answer to this question is that you don’t have to do a lot. If a doctor has referred you, then the audiologist will already know what you are seeing them about and if you are going of your own volition, then it is likely you will have given information about why you booked the appointment earlier on. 

One thing that will be useful to have prepared is your medical history and any instances of hearing loss in your family. Ask your relatives if anyone has experienced hearing loss in the past.

Will it hurt? 

The answer should put you at ease; hearing tests don’t hurt. Hearing tests are non-invasive and typically consist of playing sounds for you to listen to. There will be a visual inspection of the ear, but again, this won’t cause any pain. The only invasive part of the test is when the otoscope is used, as this is inserted into the ear. However, this is a specially designed tool for inspections.

How long will it take? 

As a busy individual as so many of us are these days, trying to fit a hearing test in with everything else isn’t easy. That’s why it’s crucial to find out how long it’s going to take so you can plan around it and ensure you don’t have to leave part way through or have to cancel at the last minute. 

A hearing test isn’t a lengthy procedure and should take no more than 30 minutes. However, if there are things to discuss after the audiologists see the results of the tests, you may need to stay longer. It’s best to assume the appointment will take an hour or so, although it may be a lot less than this. 

What will the results say?

Of course, if you have a hearing test, you’re going to want to know what the results are and how to understand them. Your audiologist will go through the results with you and explain what your hearing loss is caused by and how severe it is. You will have a detailed diagnosis from your audiologist, allowing you to move forward and decide what steps to take next.