If you search for hearing protection, you will eventually come across custom earplugs. In this post, we take a look at why these are the best option and why people prefer them to regular disposable earplugs. 

Better Value

In the short term, regular disposable earplugs seem like better value for money. But if you need earplugs long-term, then choosing custom varieties is superior. 


It all comes down to cost. Individually, regular earplugs are inexpensive – perhaps a few cents each. But if you add up the number of earplugs you get through during the course of a typical year, the number rises substantially. Eventually, you reach a threshold where custom earplugs become the better option financially. 

Superior Comfort

Regular foam earplugs have to be one-size-fits-all to have broad appeal. (Making them different sizes might prevent them from working in some people due to the shape of their ear canals). For that reason, regular earplugs tend to be very bulky and don’t offer contouring to match the shape of your ears. 

Custom earplugs, however, are designed to fit them perfectly. And this means that they offer superior comfort. 

Don’t underestimate the value of earplug comfort. If you wear your earplugs at night, you want something that fits well and lets you drift off into a deep sleep. You don’t want them feeling achy or itchy and disturbing your sleep. 

 The same goes if you have to wear hearing protection for work. If the plugs are in your ears for many hours, having something that fits properly can improve your comfort levels on the job dramatically. 

Better Hygiene

Traditional foam earplugs have thousands of tiny pockets in which dirt and bacteria can thrive. Custom versions usually have a smooth surface, eliminating this sanitary risk. 

Use Them Anywhere

Custom earplugs also come with the benefit that you can use them anywhere, including in the swimming pool. Regular foam earplugs don’t give you this option. 

Last Longer

Custom earplugs don’t last forever, but they will survive much longer than traditional disposable foam versions. Regular foam eventually becomes compacted and loses its elastic memory, making it more difficult to insert into your ear. But custom earplugs from the audiologist are made of more robust materials that allow you to take them in and out multiple times without fatiguing them.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning regular earplugs is virtually impossible because of their porous structure. Once they become ingrained with dirt, the only option is to replace them with a fresh pair. 

But custom earplugs are different because they are easy to clean. Just use a soft-bristled brush and water to get rid of any debris quickly. 

Better Sound Protection

Perhaps most critically, custom earplugs offer better sound protection than most disposable versions. That’s because they contour to fit the precise shape of your ear canal, dispersing sound wave energy more efficiently. 

Better Draining

Lastly, some custom earplug options offer better drainage than their disposable counterparts. Better drainage helps clear out earwax, preventing the canal from becoming blocked.