Hearing loss affects more people around you than you think. It actually affects one in three people over the age of 60, and by the time we get to 75, one in two people have some level of hearing loss. Sometimes, it's brought on by aging, and other times it's the conditions in the environment or a genetic link that causes hearing loss.

The thing is, you may know all the reasons behind hearing loss, but how can you tell that you are dealing with it yourself? You can speak to an audiologist and know whether hearing loss is a problem for you. In the meantime, you're welcome to check out the signs below to know whether hearing loss is something that you are experiencing.

Asking people to repeat themselves

If you are spending most of your time asking your friends and family to say that again, there is every chance that you aren't hearing them properly at all. Sometimes, people don't speak too clearly or there's a lot of noise distracting what they're saying. However, it can be that you just simply don't hear what they are saying properly. Ongoing requests to repeat what people are saying is draining and you will realize that you're doing it eventually.

Misunderstanding others

You may be asking people to repeat themselves, but is part of that reason to do with the fact you keep mishearing what they say in the first place? Straining to hear others and what they are saying is not easy and if you find that you are listening as hard as possible to hear them, there's a chance that you could be dealing with hearing loss.

Background noise is a problem

If you have music on in the background, or a TV show playing in the background, there is every chance that you will not be able to hear what's going on when people talk to you. If you are struggling with hearing loss, you may find that you can't hear speech clearly among the background noise of the room in which you are in. Some hearing loss signs say that being unable to hear clear speech among the noise is a good sign that you are having difficulty.

It's not consistent

Your hearing should be consistent but if you notice that you can hear some things and not others, then there is a chance that your hearing loss is intermittent. Certain tones, pitches and sounds can be misheard easily and you need the help of an audiologist to get a diagnosis as to whether you are dealing with a true hearing loss.

Up, up and away!

The music, the TV and your phone – it's all turned up to high volume and this is something that should tell you that you are dealing with some level of hearing loss. You should be able to hear the devices in your home at a normal level, and if you are turning them up repeatedly, then you may want to talk to your audiologist.