With hearing health as with anything, it’s vital that you seek the best possible audiologist to not only put you at ease but also get you the treatment you need. Luckily, any professional audiologist should possess the skills necessary to help your hearing health. That said, not all audiologists are created equal, and considering the qualities of each can help you to find the ideal match for your needs. 

Here, we’re going to consider what qualities you should look out for, and why they matter to your overall hearing health journey. 


Audiologists use problem-solving skills rather than flat-out medicine to address issues. While some will refer you for further treatment, a quality audiologist will typically work with you to find hearing solutions that fit your problem. It may be that they recommend hearing aids tailored to your needs or masking devices that address your tinnitus. Either way, the ability to solve problems creatively and well is a non-negotiable aspect of this service. 


Audiologists consider everything from medical history to hearing test results before settling on treatments. What’s more, hearing aid fittings and the like can take a few tries before you get them right. A good audiologist will understand this, and will never lose patience with your hearing journey, no matter how long that might be. Rather than trying to push you out the door and wasting your money, seek an audiologist who is willing to put the time and effort into a treatment plan that fits like a glove and who does so with a smile on their face.


We’re all busy, and fitting appointments into our days is rarely easy. Most often, we have to squeeze them into lunch breaks or make time after work. With that in mind, an audiologist with good time management is an absolute must. While you do, of course, want to seek an audiologist who takes ample time to find solutions, you certainly don’t want one who continually overruns appointments. 

As well as leaving you sitting in the chair for longer than anticipated, this would mean spending far too long in the waiting room before appointments. 


Each of these skills is pointing to one key quality – professionalism. Right through from the receptionist team to your audiologist themselves, you need a practice that provides a professional service at all times. Looking out for credentials can help here, with correct licensing and preferable degrees pointing towards quality and professional experts in the field. Note, too, your general dealings with the staff in question. Ideally, you need to seek a practice that takes the pain out of appointments with efficient professionalism from the booking process right through to your arrival on the day. 

While these key skills certainly aren’t the only qualities you want from your audiologist, they are some of the most apparent indicators that you’ve found professionals you can feel comfortable with. And, once you’ve managed that, you’re halfway towards hearing health.