Upon being diagnosed with a hearing condition, the next step is to consider the right hearing aid for you. If you are looking for a hearing aid, finding the right type and style will depend on a variety of factors. This would include your level of hearing loss, your lifestyle preferences and also the general aesthetics of the hearing aid. There are many hearing aids available, so let’s show you the best hearing aids styles you should consider. 

In the Ear (ITE)

ITE hearing aids are worn in the outer bowl. They are custom fit and are made according to an impression taken by the audiologist at the hearing aid consultation. The ITE hearing aid comes in different skin tones, which can blend with your ear color. Some types of ITE hearing aids fit very deeply within the outer bowl. 

Behind The Ear (BTE)

A BTE hearing aid will sit on top of the outer ear. It transmits sound into the ear canal by an earmold which does not cover up the opening of the canal, unlike the ITE hearing aid. BTE hearing aids come in different styles and colors and can be personalized to ensure it suits the individual’s lifestyle. 

In The Canal (ITC) 

The ITC hearing aid sits in the lower portion the ear canal. They are comfortable and easy to use and are useful to people who experience a wider range of hearing loss. ITC allows customization so the wearer can have additional features, such as directional microphones and manual controls. 

Invisible in Canal (IIC) and Completely in Canal (CIC)

These styles are the most discreet hearing aids around. The IIC, as the name suggests, is almost invisible. They are placed very deeply within the ears and can only be removed by tugging on a very small string that pulls it out. A CIC hearing aid is similar; however, it doesn't go as deep as an IIC hearing aid. 

These types of hearing aids are very useful to people who experience mild-to-moderate hearing loss. As they are so small, they do not come with any manual controls. They are a very discreet type of hearing aids as they sit within the ear canal and provide benefits with regards to the sound quality because of how they fit in the ear. 

There are so many different hearing aids on the market, with different features and styles that can benefit people with all manner of hearing conditions. If you are currently wearing hearing aids and you want to update them, you should look at your current device and if you are happy with it. If not, you may want to upgrade to a new hearing aid to make the most of your current lifestyle.