As some people experience more severe hearing loss than others, tailored devices that offer maximum sound amplification are ideal. Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids refer to the devices that sit outside of the ear. Although they are not discreet, they offer the highest levels of sound amplification through their powerful features. For those that experience severe to profound hearing loss, BTE devices may be ideal for you. Alongside offering maximum amplification, here are the other benefits of BTE hearing aids. 

Extremely powerful

With the BTE hearing aids being the largest of the hearing aid devices, they can house more features. Thus, they are extremely powerful. 

Inside the outer case is a microphone, which can detect the smallest of sounds. This is ideal for those with profound hearing loss. The sound travels from the outer case down through the small tube. The sound waves are transferred into electronic signals, which are then directly delivered to the ear for the person to hear. 

Long battery life

Again due to the larger size of the device, BTE hearing aids can house a large battery. Thus, they can offer the best battery life. 

The longer battery life offers users convenience and reliability. They require less charging. The battery life varies from brand to brand, but the best can offer as long as twenty days.

Accessible to everyone

BTE hearing aids are the one device that is accessible to everyone. As they are an out-of-ear design hearing aid, they can suit any style, ability, and level of hearing loss. 

Those with dexterity issues or visual impairment can find some hearing aid devices difficult to use, especially the smaller styles. However, the larger size of the BTE hearing aid means anyone can use them conveniently. 

Additionally, they are ideal for any level of hearing loss due to the maximum power and sound amplification. They can be worn by anyone with any level of hearing loss and can work exceptionally well for those with profound hearing loss. 

Minimal maintenance

As the BTE hearing aid offers long battery life, they require less charging and maintenance. They will not require charging as often as smaller devices, such as CIC or IIC hearing aids. 

Also, the larger design means they are less likely to build up ear wax, thus less cleaning is required.

Utilizes advanced technology

As BTE hearing aids are excellent at amplifying noises and sit outside of the ear, they are ideal to use with Bluetooth and advanced technology. The location of the device allows them to easily pick up surrounding sound waves, which means they can also easily detect Bluetooth signals. Users can sync their BTE hearing aids with apps that can control volume, power, and change any settings.

Overall, BTE hearing aids are extremely powerful and convenient devices. Although they are primarily for severe to profound hearing loss, they can also be worn by those who experience mild to moderate hearing loss. They are user-friendly and accessible for everyone, no matter the level of hearing loss you experience