We are excited to add new technologies to our mix of solutions for hearing loss:

Made for iPhone technology:

At least two major hearing aid manufacturers have introduced hearing aids that can be controlled via iPhone/iPad.  Volume and tone adjustments are possible, as well as using the  iphone microphone held closer to the speaker and sending the signal  to the hearing aids.  Streaming music or dialogue from the phone or iPad directly to the hearing aids creates an improved signal that can be heard in both ears without removing the aids.  You can have Siri read your email or text messages into your hearing aids!

Sound Generators for Tinnitus Relief:

Tinnitus, or head noises, can be very disturbing.  The use of hearing aids will often create enough external noise to bring relief.  But, if amplifying outside sound is not enough, a few new hearing aids can generate sounds such as waves, or chimes, to help relieve the annoyance of the internal head noises either full time or at specific times you choose.

Lyric Extended Wear Hearing Aid : 

The deep seated extended wear hearing aid has seen some improvements, including a smaller model to fit more ear canals, so we decided to add it to our mix of treatment options.  While the Lyric is not for everyone, users of this type of hearing aid report greater comfort and ease of use.  This hearing aid is placed deep in the ear canal and remains in place for several months.

Old Technology Making a Comeback:  Induction Loops:

This older, simpler technology, has seen a resurgence, because it makes better hearing accessible to many more people.  Loops are most common in public speaking areas when an audio signal is transmitted through a coil of wire around the listeners, which then transmits the sound to hearing aids equipped with telecoils.  Many churches, public building, lecture halls are looped.  Loops are also available for use with home TV listening.  Ask your audiologist about it.